House Plants



Planting annuals every year is a fantastic way to add stunning and brilliant color to your landscape. Whether planted in your garden, or in creative containers on the front porch or patio, you’ll find that we offer the highest-quality annuals available. We partner with renowned growers with decades of experience to bring you flawless, healthy plants that will give you months of enjoyment. From the first thaw in early spring to the first freeze in winter, we have the finest seasonal color in the area.


Try out different color combinations, experiment with textures, or find the perfect solution for that corner of the yard that either bakes in the sun or never gets out of the shade. Do you want to dabble with growing vegetables or herbs? Are you interested in edible landscaping? Whatever you’re looking for, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can guide you through the selection process to find the perfect solution for your specific needs.





Perennials are the backbone of any good landscape. Reliably returning year after year, perennials generally take well to being divided and replanted, making them incredibly cost-effective. Perennials are extremely adaptable, and can be used any conceivable situation your yard has to offer…baking sun, dimly-lit corner, soggy soil…no matter, what, we have the right plant for you!


Perennials are a flexible element that can be used as the star of the show or a supporting player. Coneflowers, Blanket Flowers, Tiger Lilies, Lupines all offer dazzling color from spring to fall. Hostas, lavender, corepsis, and other filler plants can either define garden borders or accent groupings of larger plantings. And ornamental grasses of all sizes offer texture and movement to your landscape all year round!